Interplay between brain endothelial cells and pericytes in brain health and disease
MRC Career Development Award
Jan 2022 – Dec 2026

Cerebrovascular and inflamm-ageing link to neurodegeneration and dementia
UK DRI Fellowship
Dec 2020 – Dec 2025

Vascular contributions to dementia and genetic risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease
Sept 2021 – Aug 2026

Prenatal disruption of blood-placenta/brain barrier formation programs AD risk later in life
BrightFocus Foundation – Alzheimer’s Disease Research
Jul 2019 – Jun 2022

Molecular magnetic resonance imaging of the inflamed blood-brain barrier in normal aging and Alzheimer’s disease
USC ADRC (NIH/NIA) – Pilot Project
Apr 2019 – Mar 2021

White matter endothelial dysfunction in a SVD-relevant mouse model of pericyte deficiency
Fondation Leducq Transatlantic Network of Excellence
“Perivascular Spaces in Small Vessel Disease” – Pilot Project
Sept 2019 – Dec 2020